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Think... About that for a Minute - Vol. 1 - 40 Day Devotional

Think about that for a Minute is a Bible Study unlike any you've ever read before! We will look at a different scripture each day and looking at it from a completely new angle, letting the Word of God truly transform your life one day at a time. Easy enough for a middle schooler to read and deep enough to keep even a seasoned pastor's attention, this daily Bible study will encourage you, bless you, and grow your hunger for the Word of God! Each lesson can be completed in under 5 minutes, so you can get in to the presence of God anytime, anywhere. The Bible tells in Psalms 1 that if we meditate on His Word day and night, we will prosper in EVERY season of our lives! That is the goal and purpose of this book. It truly is as easy as picking a scripture each day, and Think about it for a Minute! So with a daily scripture, daily challenge, and a prayer, in 40 days you will have a deeper understanding of the Love God has for you, AND you will have stepped into a promise God made to you, to live a blessed life by simply, thinking about THAT for a Minute!


 ** If you have any questions about ordering - donating the book please contact Kelly through the contact form below **

Think... About that for a Minute - Vol. 1 - 40 Day Devotional

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