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Reckless Love Revolution

This is a re-release of Kelly K's first book, Reckless Love Revolution!


It's easy to hate, it takes true character to love those who will NEVER love you back.


Give without expecting ANYTHING in return. Love others the way THEY would want to be loved. People are NOT projects. Always assume the best in people. Love the lonely, feed the hungry, and bandage the broken. (Remember when that was you?) If you think something good, say it! Quit talking and start doing. Love because you ARE loved. Pay attention and LOOK for opportunities to love. When you love others, people's lives will change. Starting with YOURS. Reach out to people, never reach down. Love as if your life depends on it. Love recklessly, Love extravagantly, Love loud. A revolution involves many, but it always starts with ONE.


Our mission is to love people recklessly. To be recklessly gen-erous. To give and love people so much that they eventually must ask WHY? We will always have an answer, JESUS! We will always give and expect nothing back. We will always love, even those who will never love us back. We will go after a life of love as if our life depends on it. Because IT DOES!


Reckless Love Revolution takes you through a journey of not just one man's calling but the start of a revolution. A revolution of love that breaks down walls and builds up reckless disciples. To love recklessly is our highest calling as followers of Christ. In this book you will be challenged, inspired, and forever changed.

-Alex Clark

Pastor of New Hope Church of God in Bolivar, MO

Reckless Love Revolution

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