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Get Lit, Stay Lit, Spread It Book
To keep any fire burning you need three things. Heat, fuel, and oxygen. This is commonly known as, the fire triangle. Remove any one of the elements from the fire triangle and the fire will go out. The same is true for the fire in your life that burns for God. We also have a spiritual fire triangle that we have to keep all three sides intact to keep our blaze burning!  Matthew 5:14 tells us, because we have Jesus in our lives, we are now the light of the world. And no one lights a fire just to cover It up. We place it out in the open for all to see. Meaning, it is our job as Jesus followers to "Get Lit, Stay Lit, and Spread It!"  In this book Kelly K will walk you through the meaning and importance of your fire triangle, show you how to become a blazing wild fire, and you'll learn how to avoid the "Christian burn-out" you see so many people suffering from. If you're ready to ignite, and set the world on fire for Jesus, this is the book for you! ** If you have any questions about ordering - donating the book please contact Kelly through the contact form below **

Get Lit, Stay Lit, Spread It Book

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